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We legally SIM unlock all iPhones no matter if they are financed, leased, or not paid off.

What Is SIM Unlock?

SIM Unlock is when we unlock the network protocol of your phone that is automatically set to only work on the frequencies of the originally intended Phone Carrier such as Tmobile, Sprint, and AT&T. After using our service you can use your phone on any service and be able to surf the web, receive pictures, and of course talk and text. This is not a passcode or iCloud unlock removal service.

Why should you use ATL UNLK?

We’re just better than the other guys

100% Success Rate

Other unlock services can only boast a maximum of 60% unlock success rate but we virtually guarantee it

We Do the Hard Stuff

Just bring your phone and we do the rest. No need to figure out how it works, where to put what, and read through a complicated manual.

Flexible Appointment Times

You can meet us at a public location or we can come to you. Just set an appointment that fits in your schedule.


Yes. Currently, there are no United State’s laws prohibiting iUnlockApple’s services. 

Yes, we can but since these request are rare we we do not keep international unlocking equipment in stock. We would have to order the international’s equipment for you upon receipt of payment  and 3-5 business days later (optional to expedite shipping) you can come in the shop to get the phone unlocked or we can meet you. 

SIM Unlock and Factory Unlock are basically the same thing. The only difference is when was the phone able to receive signal from any carrier? In the case of a Factory Unlocked iPhone the iPhone was always able to be used on any carrier. Hence the name: Factory Unlocked. With SIM unlock, the phone was originally made to only be used with one particular carrier then later modified to receive signal from any carrier.

The process is fairly simple. It should only take between 10 and 30 minutes.

No, you can use your iPhone as you normally would and no features or functionality will be subtracted or limited. 

Removing the sim card after service is rendered will cancel the unlock. It must be reapplied at a $25 SIM Unlock Reapplication Fee. The easiest way to avoid this fee is to not remove your SIM card.

No, we only specialize in Apple products. 



Meet Us at Our Location

Meet us at our location in Villa Rica, Ga and we'll unlock your phone

We Can Come to You

You don't have to meet us. We can meet you at a public place and unlock your phone for an extra fee.

Set an Appointment Now!

What Do I Need to Bring?


Bring the iPhone you want unlocked to a new carrier.

There's a Catch

Make sure the iPhone is on iOS 12.4 & it is charged at least halfway (50%) with the passcode removed as this slows down the process.

Active SIM card

The SIM Card you want your newly unlocked device to use.

It's Gotta Work

The SIM card must be active meaning when I put it in your phone, after it is unlocked, I will be able to make calls and surf the web.


We accept a variety of payment methods.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash, Cash App, Square Cash (Card), PayPal

Contact Us

We are located in the Villa Rica area. Contact us to get the exact location. We can also meet with you anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area just give us a couple days notice. 

(678) 575-8608 or (470) 878-9065